To use our icons for free, we require that you set a link to our page. The link can point
to our main page
or, best of all, to the specific icon that you’ve used.

It could be in any format you prefer.

Websites - we require linking from all pages where the icons are used. Please put the link in the footer if the icons are used on each page. A nice example:

Desktop software - please put the link in the About dialog
Mobile apps - please put the link in the About dialog and acknowledgment on the AppStore/Google Play page. If the application doesn’t have an About section, please reference Icons8 on the app page
Chrome App -please add the link to the description in the Chrome Web Store and (if it doesn't break your layout) somewhere in Settings
WordPress plugin - please link on the Settings page of the plugin and the plugin page
PDF, Excel, Word, any other document and also eBooks and printed editions - You can put the link anywhere in the document
PC game - please put the link in the Credits section. And we would love to have a copy of the game, thank you :-)
YouTube -please put the link in the description box
eBay page - you can put the link in the footer
Social network - please place the link in some of your posts.
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