There are four ways of using our icons and four types of licenses for this:

Free license - you can use all our icons for free in PNG up to 100 px if you put a link to us somewhere in your project.
Standard license - if you want to use our icons in your own end projects as design elements or as a part of the interface. 99% of our customers use monthly or yearly subscriptions.
API Integration license – If you want to allow your users to use our icons in their own projects. This license allows embedding icons in your apps and includes access to our API. API license explained.
Enterprise license - If you have more than 2 people from your company who will use Icons8, you're welcome to enjoy our enterprise license. It is cheaper than buying individual licenses and easier to manage.

Logos and Characters are the exclusion - all icons there are free in all formats including svg, and using them doesn't require linking.
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