Free plan

You may use our graphic assets without payment for personal or commercial purposes if you include a link to Icons8 in your work.

Where do I set the link?

Our music is free for non-commercial projects only. You can find more information about it in this article:

Can I use your music for free?

Please note that free assets do come with limitations such as smaller sizes, select file types, or variety.

PRO plan

We offer two types of PRO plans:

You can choose a plan for one type of assets: only icons/music/photos/illustrations. This plan gives you access to one type of assets in all formats and sizes. You can use them without a link to Icons8.

If you need more than one type of assets, we are happy to offer the Full Set plan. It includes absolutely everything: our icons, photos, music, and illustrations. All formats and sizes. No link required.

Team plan

Team plans allow you to add, remove, and manage services for your team members.

An additional benefit of this plan is that each user's downloading limits sum up together to create a single limit for the whole team.

API plan (service integration)

Our API plan is a perfect fit if you want to allow your clients to use our assets in their personal or commercial projects. This plan gives you access to our assets (icons, photos, illustrations, or music) programmatically.

API license explained
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